Our new Patron: the Migros Culture Percentage

This morning, we received a great easter gift: The Migros Culture Percentage has written us and promised us their support for the coming year. The Migros Culture Percentage is a voluntary commitment of the Migros dedicated to small and big projects in the fields of culture, education and society. It has been a core component of their activities since 1957. Some of their own projects are study prizes, the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art or the many activities of conTAKT.ch which concentrate on integration as well as cultural exchange.

We are receiving even more support this year coming from the Paul Schiller Foundation. The foundation supports charitable projects that work in addition to projects of the public authority in promoting an integrative society and a sustainable evolution. The foundation was started in 1974 with the inheritance of the Swiss entrepreneur Paul Schiller. The Paul Schiller Foundation supports the organisation a:primo which is active in the early promotion of socially underprivileged children. The SIKJM also gets supported in its undertaking to strengthen the literacy of children with an immigration background.

We thank both patrons for theirs generous support!