Education & Integration Through Picture Books

The Situation in Switzerland

Children affected by poverty are at a greater risk of receiving an inadequate education and are often hindered to participate in sports or cultural extra-curricular activities. That is why DIE BUCHPATEN turn to caritative institutions, the responsible government bodies, communities and kindergartens in the form of cooperations to reach this target group. 

An Option and a Chance: Picture Books

Picture books are a low-threshold way to spark an undying enthusiasm for reading. Children and adults alike are able to comprehend the story through the accompanying pictures, even if they do not fully understand the text. Picture books appeal to one’s senses and are entertaining.

Participation Reading

Central to DIE BUCHPATEN is the direct contact to the children and their families. The children receive new books on a regular basis, as picture books can be the key to further language acquisition and to enter the world of books and reading and thus to greater educational opportunities. Furthermore, next to the book gifts, the children and their parents also receive attention and appreciation during our participation readings.