Participation Readings


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 13.49.07The participation readings are an event series of DIE BUCHPATEN. We visit children in kindergartens, primary schools and everywhere children gather in everyday life. The participation readings are held in the technique of the dialogic reading including all children actively into the reading. After the reading, the children draw what they liked best about the story. While the children are drawing, DIE BUCHPATEN exchange views with the parents about storytelling. At the end, each child is gifted a new and current picture book to keep the storytelling culture at home alive. Every picture book is accompanied by a BUCHPATEN-bookmark with useful tips for maximum storytelling-fun.
For an insight on what such a participation reading could look like: Take a peak at our Blog.
The services of a 1½-hour long reading include:

Before the Reading
  • written invitation to the parents (available in ten different languages)
  • preparation of the reading room (seating arrangements, displaying the books to give away, preparing of the drawing utensils etc.)
During the Reading
  1. greeting of the parents and children, introduction to DIE BUCHPATEN’s activities
  2. storytelling by a trained storyteller
  3. gymnastics and drawing with the children
  4. presentation of the picture books and giving the books as a present to the children
  5. storytelling tips for the parents and a feedback round


It is important to DIE BUCHPATEN that the children’s progress be as sustainable as possible. For that reason we wish to accompany the children over an extend period of time, and we advise you book three readings or more, spread out over the whole year.


From 5 readings: CHF 580.– per reading
From 2 readings: CHF 640.– per reading
1 reading: CHF 790.–

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