DIE BUCHPATEN (engl. THE BOOK-GODPARENTS) is a politically and religiously neutral organisation aiming to better the standing of children from socially disadvantaged families. Through participation readings, DIE BUCHPATEN specifically and sustainibly support the children’s and their parents’ literacy progress. We furthermore pass on the joy of reading with a view to foster a reading culture inside of the families. DIE BUCHPATEN are tax-exempt.

The Managing Board

Günther Lieck, President of the Board
Günther Lieck, self-employed, wields great experience in the field of business administration due to his years as a consultant for McKinsey. He also has coached the Kunsthaus Zürich for many years and gained from this engagement an intense insight in the workings of an association.

2014_Team_RahelAschwanden (1)Rahel Aschwanden, Board Member
As former adviser of the Impact Hub Zürich promotional program, Rahel Aschwanden has a great deal of experience in the process coaching of young startups. She has supported DIE BUCHPATEN since the day of their founding. Mrs Aschwanden is commited to a multitude of organisations in the childhood and adolescence promotional field.




Die Buchpaten Annual Report 2016 (in German)

Die Buchpaten Annual Report 2017 (in German)