Kristina Lemke, Founder and Chief Executive


Kristina Lemke is an experienced lector and illustrator of children’s books. She was responsible for the organisation of a line of books in cooperation between UNICEF and the publisher NordSüd Verlag. As board member of the association pan y arte, she has helped run cultural projects for impoverished children in Nicaragua. She has a wide network in the publishing business at her disposal, as well as productive relations with Swiss caritative institutions. She is an experienced project manager and is wholly commited to all children.


Christoph Sutter, Berater



Christoph Sutter is an environmental scientist and Schwab Social Entrepreneur. He is the founder of the company Southpole Carbon Ltd, which develops international climate protection projects. His commitment to DIE BUCHPATEN stems from his eight year old son Leo and his picture books.

Larissa Mettler, Consultant


Larissa Mettler is a member of the Board of Management of Save the Children. Everyday, she campaigns passionately for the rights of children in need. She has a great amount of experience concerning human rights, refugee protection and mediation at her disposal.