Storytellers wanted

You love children and you love books? Then welcome to the DIE BUCHPATEN! We are looking for storytellers who share our fascination for reading and engaging in participation readings for children of all backgrounds.

Participation readings

You will be schooled in the technique of dialogic reading for the participation readings. Dialogic reading is a way of storytelling, where children actively get involved – meaning that the children end up becoming the storytellers themselves. You can read more on the technique dialogic reading here. As part of the schooling you will also get to practice your newly won abilities with a trial class before the actual audience awaits you. Of course, you will receive a small compensation as a thanks for your commitment.


Children are an honest crowd. They can get thoroughgoingly excited – and then all of sudden they start whispering with their bench mates. Therefore your commitment as a storyteller requires a certain amount of patience and assertiveness: You will be the captain of this kindergarten ship during 1½ hours. The children all look to you. Your task consists of telling the children a story in the technique of dialogic reading and of asking them questions. Lots of questions. The more questions you ask them, the more the children become the storytellers, which is exactly what we want! Once that has been accomplished, you make sure that the story keeps going on and that all children receive the chance to speak up.

The participation readings are held in Zurich and in neighboring communities. We are planning to expand into the whole German speaking region of Switzerland in the future. If you are interested, we would be happy to hear from you by message or phone: +41 76 329 55 58.

Picture books offer children with a foreign mother tongue access to the German language. With the help of the pictures, the children can playfully discover and learn new words and their meanings. Moreover, picture books encourage to start drawing and replaying the events portrayed. DIE BUCHPATEN accompany the children during this literary adventure and support them while they jump into a completely new language.

“Integration” is to be understood as the process stemming from dialog, solidarity and communal learning. Not only children of foreign backgrounds but also Swiss children from socially disadvantaged families are welcomed by DIE BUCHPATEN. They, too, profit from book gifts.

Our aim is to give all children access to the world of stories and reading through the magic of picture books.